Well her I am on this dating site.  Been to Negril 6 times but haven't found someone worth giving my love to.  Has to be strong yet gentle with his woman, not into yelling & fighting & drama., has to have a heart for justice & be willing to fight for oppressed people everywhere!  Want someone who understands what Che said  

Why is it hard to find a real to find a real Rasta Man, guess they don't use dating sites! If this doesn't work out I'll call some of my friendsi n Jamaica & see if they can hook me up.  Most of the guys that hang on the beach are trying to survive by making money off the tourists. I know & love many of them cuz I know that's how they make their living, but those are not the guys I'm looking for,

Also, I have a medical card for ganja here & they deliver it to my door!  If anyone wants to grow a medical crop I can help you buy the best strains for what ever the sickness is that needs treating & can be a go between between the grower & the tourists.  You can buy feminized seeds from many web sites & such strains as Headband & Gorrilla Glue are good sativa dominant hybrids that help with fatigue & also provides clarity of thought & creativity.  All Sativa strains are good for this, your Pineapple included.!

Indica dominant strains are good for this too but pure indica strains are good to increase appetite, take care of nausea & help people relax.

Then there are the strains with CBD, low THC. This doesn't get you high but kills pain & is used for serious seizures not controlled by other meds.  The CBD is in the roots of the plant to kill the pain the plant feels as its growing its roots, that's why your ganja roots are so good for pain control but they are growing these new CBD strains for the medical dispensaries here in Calle!  We have a school for growers here in Oakland called Oaksterdam University that has a 8 week course in the various strains & what they're used for & for those who want to grow, they have a program for that too.

Anyway, I can help the right Rasta Man & will give my love unconditionally for the right man!