Concord, California, United States
Body type:
5' 2" 
Dark brown 
Caucasian (white) 
Living situation:
With roommate(s) 
Social Setting:
The life of the party, Better in small groups 
TV watching:
Dramas, Movies, News junkie 
Home and family
Marital status:
Have kids:
Yes - but not at home 
Want (more) kids:
Professional life
College grad 
Employment status:
Medical / Health services 
Sense of humor:
Friendly, Clever / Quick witted 
Arts, Community service, Computers / Internet, Dancing, Dining, Listening to music, Playing music, Reading 
In my own words:

I am interested in a REAL Rastafarian from Negril, someone who has a relationship with Jah & is not just a guy with dreads. I had a boyfriend there for 2 years and didn't realize he was just using me. He thought cuz I was white I must be rich the last time I saw him, he had totally changed, he attacked me in the hotel office, ran up my barbill and spent all my money, stold my meds, which he sold all over the beach, even stolde my gold Jewelry, some of which was sentimental and given to me by family.
I had to spend the night in jail in the guardhouse until I could reach my son to pay the hotel bill. I was devastated and hurt.
I have known Jah since I was a child & am looking for my soulmate.
I have been to Negril 6 times, loved it & would love to move there but want someone who's serious about Rasta, about social, civil & economic rights and bringing down Babylon, where i'm living in the heart of the beast.
I care about the environment & global warming, as the scientists say that if we keep things the way they are, Africa & the Middle East will not be livable by 2050.
We need to stop this capitalist world system.! I have also been a revolutionary since the 70's, and still consider myself to be one as I've never stopped fighting against racism & for economic justice.
Been smoking ganja for 48 years, love Reggae, started listening when I was 14, always knew we were the heart of Babylon, since I was 13, but finally hearing music that validated my instinct fed my soul.
Well, enough of thatI I love music, dancing & going to live Rasta Reggae concerts, want to go to Africa one day. Love swimming in the ocean, watching the beautiful sunsets. I live life in the present, its the only way to live, to live every second and sqeeze all the life out of it I can.
I am a strong, outspoken women & will not put up with BS, I learned my lesson with Blacka.
Is there any serious, loving Rasta man out there looking for a soul mate. He has to have his own way of making a living, so we share with each other. I will sense the love of Jah in his heart!
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Well her I am on this dating site.  Been to Negril 6 times but haven't found someone worth giving my love to.  Has to be strong yet gentle with his woman, not into yelling & fighting & drama., has to have a heart for justice & be willing to fight for oppressed people everywhere! &nb…
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Rasta Woman looking for King to share my life with. Gentle, mellow & close to Jah. Good dancer, danced all night at the Reggae festival after party on stage with the band, only white person there but got everybody cheering. I am not your normal white woman!