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Houston, Texas, United States
Body type:
5' 9" 
Dark brown 
Caucasian (white) 
In my own words:

Attractive SWM, 5 ft. 9 in., 160 lb. VERY young-looking. Tan, slim but muscular, extremely fit, thick brown hair, green eyes, and a great smile. Super athletic, 4th degree black belt. In my spare time I teach martial arts and help coach high school wrestlers. 2 college degrees. Love music, traveling to exotic places, science, concerts, movies, the outdoors, water, numerous sports, and intellectual pursuits. I keep pretty abreast of current and world events. I am a Christian and attend church regularly.
Very successful professionally and own 2 companies in the music industry. Extremely intelligent, hardworking, and inquisitive about the world. I may work very hard but I take time out to have fun too. One of my favorite things to do is jump on a plane and head for some place in the Caribbean when I need a break. Great conversationalist, pretty knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics, and can be very entertaining to hang out with if I like you. Most important, I am an extremely nice, warm person with a great sense of humor. Many people think I live this fairytale life, but I think I spent too much of my life working to achieve success and there are definitely things I've missed out on (I hope to rectify that). I don't let just anyone in my life but once you've gained my trust I am great and loyal friend. I'm open to new ideas and cultures and don't really require much maintenance.
I’m a world traveler and would really like to find a woman somewhere in my age range to travel with and explore new places. Although I have never been married, I am not a confirmed bachelor and I've reached a stage in my life where I am looking for someone to really build a life with. I am extremely culturally versatile. I don't care about race, ethnicity, or how much money you make but do care about character. If you can make me laugh, I find that very attractive. I am sure I make mistakes sometimes but I am soft-hearted and will admit when I am wrong. Because I am very athletic, I am attracted to very slender women who are physically active also. Taking care of someone else also helps make me a better person and gives me focus. I am extremely resourceful and it makes me happy to make someone else happy or help them realize their dreams. No matter what, you will not be disappointed and I think you will have a very rewarding experience.

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